Singer and actress IU opened up about her struggles with phone call anxiety.

On April 3rd, a video titled "We'll Be Happier (With Yoo In-na)" was released on IU's channel.

Introducing her best friend Yoo In-na, IU warmly welcomed her guest. Yoo In-na responded with a grateful, "Thank you for inviting me."

Although the two are well-known best friends in the entertainment industry, they revealed they have never traveled together. IU said, "We thought it was time to travel together, but we kept being busy one after another." Yoo In-na pointed out, "Actually, IU doesn't seem to like traveling very much. I thought I liked traveling too, but I don't go often." IU honestly admitted, "I don't really like traveling. It's so hard to leave the house. As soon as I leave, I feel my energy being consumed, and my battery starts to drain."

The two also played a telepathy game. When asked, "What's the longest time you've spent on a phone call?" Yoo In-na shouted, "Three minutes." IU said, "I find it very difficult to make calls, but In-na is comfortable with it," while Yoo In-na recalled, "IU is on a different level when it comes to struggling with phone calls."

IU confessed, "I can't sit still and talk on the phone. Even talking to my mom is a bit uncomfortable. The only person I'm not uncomfortable with is my manager because we have so much work to discuss. Even talking to In-na is hard. In fact, I can't talk to anyone on the phone," revealing her phone call anxiety.

IU shared an anecdote about her unique way of chatting with Yoo In-na, "If I have an urgent matter and call In-na, she'll answer the phone exclaiming, 'What's going on!'" Yoo In-na added, "For a while, we even communicated using only initial consonants, but we understood each other perfectly. We had conversations like that for a few days," proving their strong friendship.

Both IU and Yoo In-na's candid revelations about their personal lives and close friendship give fans a glimpse into the off-screen bond between these two celebrities.