Singer and actress IU surprised her fans with a hidden camera prank video for April Fool's Day.

On April 1st, a video titled "Driving... It's not easy, is it?" was uploaded to IU's channel. In the video, IU said, "Isn't it unusual to see me sitting in the driver's seat? It's a real driver's seat. I'm waiting for someone with the hazard lights on in an alley. I got my license recently, and my hands are sweaty." She explained that she created a corner where she would drive a guest to their destination while having a conversation with them.

Attorney Han Moon-chul, known as 'One Belly,' joined IU as her first guest. Han Moon-chul said, "Although it might be better to walk, I'm glad to be the first guest and came with a happy heart." IU replied, "I'm a beginner driver, so please fasten your seatbelt tightly. We'll start our journey and have a conversation as we head to Myeonmok-dong," Han Moon-chul's destination.

While conversing with IU, Han Moon-chul pointed out her driving, saying, "You should look ahead," "You're too close to the car in front. You need to maintain distance. You're not looking ahead because you're talking to me. You need to keep a distance." Han appeared uneasy about IU's driving.

In the midst of this, Han Moon-chul realized that IU had misunderstood Myeonmok-dong as Mok-dong and was heading in the wrong direction. In a hurry, IU rolled down the window and shouted, "Excuse me!" at another vehicle. As the situation became tense, Han Moon-chul jumped out of the moving car, only to reveal that it was a 100% scripted situation, filmed in an indoor driving practice facility for April Fool's Day. IU playfully said, "We invited (Han Moon-chul) for an April Fool's Day special," eliciting laughter with her mischievous demeanor.