The eagerly awaited solo debut album from Jimin, 'FACE,' was finally unveiled on March 24, following the exceptional performance of pre-release track 'Set Me Free. Pt2' on various global music charts and platforms [refer here for iTunes and Melon, here for Spotify, here for Oricon, and here for UK Big Top 40]. This heightened anticipation for the album, and Jimin did not disappoint!

'Like Crazy,' the album's title track, surpassed the records set by 'Set Me Free Pt.2,' becoming the most significant solo song debut by a K-pop soloist in Spotify Global Chart history for both filtered and unfiltered streams. Jimin now holds the top two positions for the biggest solo song debut by a K-pop soloist on the Spotify Global Chart, with the third position belonging to a song he was featured in, Taeyang's 'VIBE' (ft. Jimin).

'Like Crazy' also became the 8th largest song debut by a Korean act on the Spotify Global Chart. Additionally, the song set new records on various country-based Spotify charts, particularly in the world's most prominent music markets, including the US, UK, and Chile.

The title track achieved the most significant solo song debut by a K-pop act in history on Spotify USA, UK, and Chile. Previously, 'Set Me Free Pt.2' held these records, meaning Jimin now holds the top two positions for the highest solo song debut by a K-pop act on both Spotify USA and UK charts. This remarkable feat is even more impressive considering it's his first solo album.

In 2023, both 'Set Me Free Pt.2' and 'Like Crazy' are the only songs to debut straight at #1 on Spotify South Korea.

As for the album's performance on its first day, 'FACE' broke the record for the biggest album debut by a Korean act and a Korean soloist in 2023, considering both filtered and unfiltered streams. Jimin achieved his most significant streaming day on Spotify with 22.4 million streams, nearly doubling his previous peak on March 17 when 'Set Me Free Pt.2' was released.

All songs from the album ranked on the Spotify Global Daily Chart, with 'Like Crazy' reaching #2, making it one of the two highest-ranked songs for any K-pop soloist ever on the chart. Jimin became one of only two Korean soloists to debut with over 6 million streams on the chart.

Moreover, Jimin is the first and only Korean soloist to rank multiple songs within the Spotify Global Chart's Top 10, with 'Like Crazy' at #2 and 'Set Me Free Pt.2' at #6.

These impressive worldwide streams propelled Jimin to #18 on the Global Spotify Daily Top Artists chart. In country-based Spotify Daily Top Artists charts, he reached #1 in South Korea and Pakistan. In the UK, he made his first-ever entry at #145, highlighting the album's extraordinary performance.

On iTunes, the world's largest global music buying platform, Jimin set new records as well. 'Like Crazy' reached #1 in 100 countries in just over seven hours, becoming the 3rd fastest song to achieve this milestone. After 24 hours, the song had reached #1 in 112 countries, setting a record for the most #1s for any song on iTunes within the first 24 hours.

As a result, Jimin now holds the top three spots for songs with the most #1s on iTunes within the first 24 hours.

'Like Crazy' is also the only song released in 2023 to reach #1 on iTunes in that many countries overall.

By peaking at #1 in numerous countries worldwide, 'Like Crazy' climbed to the top of the Worldwide and European iTunes Song charts, maintaining its position at the top for a second day.

In the Global Digital Artist ranking, Jimin ascended to 3rd and then 2nd place, outpacing renowned artists such as Miley Cyrus and The Weekend, and remaining the highest-ranked Korean artist on the chart.

On YouTube, the music video for 'Like Crazy' performed admirably, securing the #1 spot on Worldwide YouTube and #2 in the Music Category for two days, with 'Set Me Free Pt.2' maintaining its position at the top of the music category.

Fans are ecstatic about Jimin's record-breaking accomplishments on all music platforms, particularly in significant foreign music markets like the US and UK, which carry considerable weight in the music industry. They eagerly await more from Jimin as he embarks on his journey as a solo artist.