An internal audit has revealed more information about the identity of BTS RM's stalker.

According to a KORAIL official on the 1st, A, is an employee and BTS fan who secretly accessed BTS RM's January 2021 travel schedule without permission. At the time, RM bought a KTX train ticket from Seoul to Dongdaegu.

A not only illegally accessed his ticket info and itinerary, but also frequently accessed his home address and cell phone records that he had used to register when signing up for a KORAIL membership.

The official explained, "Customer personal information can only be viewed by authorized departments for business purposes but A was able to access it while working in IT department that develops and operates the reservation release system. The illegal access that began in 2019 continued 18 times over 3 years."

A stated, "I checked RM's reservation history to see the real thing. I told my friend so that they would be able to book a seat near them."

KORAIL conducted an audit after receiving an internal tip that there was an employee who illegally inquired into the personal information of famous celebrities. KORAIL was able to confirm that A accessed RM's personal info without permission but stated "they couldn't figure out the circumstances of the leak."

The official further confirmed, "A also inquired about the personal information of a male KORAIL employee who appeared on a TV program and became a hot topic."

The male victim in question stated, "I didn't know at all. I heard it for the first time today. This is a bit of a shock..."

When asked for the truth by the KORAIL Audit Committee, A stated, "I only looked into it out of a simple curiosity. I'm deeply reflecting on my mistakes."

  1. [+1,167, -4] The employee illegally viewed RM's personal information 18 times but only got suspended? Shouldn't they be getting kicked?
  2. [+728, -9] Get ready to get witch hunted by ARMY
  3. [+429, -7] The fact that the employee was able to obtain the encryption key and access his personal info means they've been at the company over 5 years? They should be able to hit that employee with breach of contract so why not take it to the courts so they're hit with a penalty.
  4. [+406, -6] The employee probably got reported internally after bragging about it to coworkers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+383, -4] Who cares whether they confessed or not, shouldn't the employee be fired? That's illegally access of his information 18 times. How do they know it won't happen again? Seriously why is our country so lax with punishments making it easy for criminals to live well?
  6. [+337, -3] This just goes to show how easy it is to breach personal information if an employee with malicious intent puts their mind into it.
  7. [+263, -0] This is so crazy ;;;; how can their privacy management policies be so weak; It's so ridiculous to claim a 'simple curiosity' as an excuse. This is a crime! Wake up!
  8. [+86, -5] How can they be sure this employee didn't leak RM's information outside?
  9. [+79, -0] "I told my friend so that they would be able to book a seat near them..." Isn't this an external leak??
  10. [+33, -0] It wasn't that long ago that RM's comments to a monk got leaked to the media and became articles. Please protect your artists privacy!!
  11. [+18, -0] Throw the employee out and put them in jail to come to their senses. HYBE should be filing lawsuits right now.
  12. [+14, -0] Sasaeng? That's invasion of personal privacy of a celebrity, you don't do that out of curiosity. It's a crime! Stop saying 'sasaeng', that's a stalker. Treat them like the criminals they are!

CR: Daily Naver Blog