Leaked records have revealed that VIXX member Ravi colluded with broker A to evade military service through a fake epilepsy diagnosis, but his subsequent arrest warrant has been dismissed, causing an uproar.

On March 6th, the Seoul Southern District Court Judge Kim Ji-sook conducted a warrant review and stated that based on the objective evidence collected so far, it was difficult to consider Ravi a flight risk or believe he would destroy evidence. As a result, the arrest warrant requested on the 2nd of March was dismissed.

"In light of the objective evidence collected so far, it's difficult to say the suspect, who admitted to the charges, is a flight risk or will destroy evidence. The arrest warrant requested on the 2nd is dismissed."

Forensic analysis of broker A's cell phone revealed various instances of Ravi seeking and receiving military service advice from the broker. Ravi's military service records were also discovered. After being falsely diagnosed with epilepsy at a designated hospital, brokers received military exemptions or grade adjustments based on this, and it was confirmed that Ravi lowered his physical grade using the same method.

Ravi's agency, Groovlin, stated that they are cooperating with the investigation process but cannot provide details at this stage. "We're sincerely cooperating with the investigation process. Please understand that we cannot provide details at this stage. We will provide more details later." 

In addition to Ravi, Groovlin rapper Nafla is also entangled with the same military service broker, having been arrested on February 22nd for allegedly attempting to evade military service by manipulating the attendance records of social workers.

Meanwhile, Ravi has been working as a social worker since the end of October last year.