Actor Yoo Ah-In (Uhm Hong-sik, 37) has tested positive for cocaine in hair tests.

According to a TV Chosun 'News 9' report, the actor has been confirmed to have abused ketamine and cocaine in addition to marijuana and propofol. Results of analysis of his hair tests during a detailed examination by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) revealed that two types of drugs on top of the propofol and marijuana were detected.

In particular, cocaine (coke) causes strong hallucinations and is highly addictive making it one of the three major drugs alongside meth and heroine. Ketamine, which is used as a general anesthetic, was also classified as a narcotic in 2006 due to concerns over misuse and abuse.

Simple urine tests previously conducted by police on Yoo Ah-in who had returned through Incheon Airport on the 5th also came back positive for marijuana. Such tests generally identify drugs abused during a short period of time compared to hair tests that are more accurate and can identify drugs administered for up to one year.

Meanwhile, police have secured records of ketamine prescriptions through a search and seizure at the hospital and are investigating whether Yoo Ah-in habitually abused the drug. Police plan to summon Yoo Ah-in as early as next week to investigate how he took the drugs.

  1. [+1,284, -14] He has seriously hit rock bottom now ~~ he was a complete druggie all along.
  2. [+542, -13] He should be thankful that he's still alive at this point. If he hadn't gotten caught, I bet we would've been reading articles of Yoo Ah-in "discovered dead" through the news.. f*ck
  3. [+528, -9] I'm glad he got caught. He's been looking more gaunt day after day and his breathing has been strange for a while now.. pay the price and get some treatment!! What he did is seriously terrible. He won't be able to come back from this anymore. I don't want to hear anymore bad news from you! Pay your dues, seek treatment and live quietly!
  4. [+406, -138] It's not like he's the first actor caught as a druggie.. why is his scandal being made into a big deal...
  5. [+302, -19] He was my favorite actor too ㅠㅠ what a pity.
  6. [+174, -7] Since when did he become such a druggie??? I remember watching his interviews and his eyes seemed out of it and his voice shaky and unstable. I honestly thought it was just his shy personality, stage fright, or self esteem issues from his childhood? It's a pity that it's all because of the drugs. I know life a public figure isn't easy so I hope he can recover and be able to return to normal life. I'll support you with your recovery as payment for all the great acting you've shown us.
  7. [+129, -1] Be honest.. you thought he was druggie at least once watching how he's been acting..
  8. [+131, -5] Looks like his druggie acting wasn't an act at all ㅋㅋ
  9. [+55, -2] Once you become a druggie to this level it's hard to return to normal life.. how did he even film dramas and CFs in that condition?? What a mystery.
  10. [+53, -1] Aigoo.. he's a total druggie. This is no longer a case for probation.
  11. [+22, -0] He's gay too ㅋㅋ
  12. [+16, -2] Investigate all the kids he's been hanging out with too. There's no way he's been injecting drugs alone!!
  13. [+12, -1] Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah-in acted together in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and both have been exposed for being druggies.. looks like the scandal in Sungkyunkwan was drugs. Park Min-young who was the main actress there is being investigated for strange embezzlements and debts. Song Joong-ki also recently remarried with some random Englishwoman after a strange divorce from Song Hye Kyo.. how is it that all of them are embroiled in scandals? It's like 4-piece set of problematic kids who won't live quietly were gathered together for a drama라~