It has been confirmed that actor Yoo Ah-in is being investigated by police for abusing drugs.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 8th, "police called and investigated Yoo Ah-in on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on the 6th. He was caught visiting several hospitals and asked why he was prescribed propofol. Yoo Ah-in's side has yet to separately appoint a lawyer."

His agency has also issued an official position writing, "Yoo Ah-in was recently investigated by the police regarding propofol. He is actively cooperating with all investigations related to this and will actively explain the problematic part. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Propofol, a psychotropic drug, is punishable by up to 10 years in prison or up to 100 million won in fines when illegally administered.

Netizens comments:

  1. [+494, -39] Ah, this writer just became one-top in our country for exposing his real name.
  2. [+239, -15] And prosecutors from that party were causing a fuss over putting out real names? Then why not implement laws that require the real name of criminals to be disclosed like this?
  3. [+166, -8] Fentanyl drugs are even scarier!!! ... Re-investigate Burning Sun!!!
  4. [+90, -6] Reveal his name! If you keep writing articles like this, someone is going to get witch hunted again. Do you think netizens won't find out???? If someone's tail gets caught, they'll just keep at it until they commit suicide. If you won't reveal it, netizens will become judge and prosecutor. And then we'll have to ban the comment section again which makes no sense because it's the voice of the people.
  5. [+77, -3] I guess I'm here too early... I'll be back tomorrow morning
  6. [+65, -5] Physiognomy of a leftist is truly a science ㅋㅋㅋ. If only he wasn't a leftist, he would've been a success at least for half of his life.
  7. [+59, -0] I seriously don't understand how this thug got military exemptions... If a kid like that is exempted, how many men are capable of enlisting then?? Not even a supplement but a straight exemption? Does that make sense??!
  8. [+45, -1] Is this a comedy?? And yet he put out cosplays like he was the thoughtful type. I seriously can't believe it.
  9. [+41, -1] Hyun-young also cleaned his image over his propofol scandal and crawled out again. This is why kids are going to think it's ok to do this. Please don't come out anywhere on TV!
  10. [+40, -4] This trash is a total leftist too ~~~ He was a Moon Jae-in supporter but won't even defend our country???
  11. [+31, -0] Uhm Hong-shik (Yoo Ah-in). Military exemption reason = tumor of the bone ~~
  12. [+31, -1] All leftists are promiscuous, gropers, and just really ugly people.
  13. [+27, -0] Investigate the true reason why he was dropped out of military service!
  14. [+27, -1] As expected... the untimely end of the pro-China jjangkae who cheered for the Wuhan pneumonia

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