SM Entertainment, which manages NCT, released a statement on January 6 to give an update about the current health status of Haechan and his absence from upcoming band schedules.

The statement read that the singer had experienced abnormal health conditions such as chest tightness, heart palpitations, and more. Following this, Haechan went visited the hospital with his manager to get a consultation and examination. At the hospital, doctors advised the K-pop idol to get treatment and rest.

According to SM Entertainment, since the singer's health recovery is of utmost importance, he will not take part in the activities scheduled for the time being and spend that time recovering while taking adequate rest.

Consequently, Haecha has made the decision to not take part even in the activities scheduled from next week onward. SM Entertainment said that they will let everyone know later when it is confirmed for the singer to resume his schedule.

The agency also apologized to the fans for causing concern and asked for their kind understanding that such a step was taken for the betterment of Haechan's health.

SM Entertainment shared that they will do their best to work hard and support the singer so that he can get back to greeting the fans when he regains back his health.

Meanwhile, on the same day, DREAM MAKER USA gave the confirmation that the singer will not be taking part in the upcoming stops of NCT 127's tours in South America and the US. They stated that Haechan will not be a part of NCT 127's second tour called NEO CITY: USA & LATIN AMERICA - THE LINK because of his health and heart-related issues. Therefore, only eight members will be participating in the USA/Latin America concerts. They also asked everyone for their kind understanding.

Haechan had recently been taking part in promotions with NCT DREAM, after the release of "Candy", their new remake track. Incidentally, NCT 127 will make a comeback at the end of January 2023 with "Ay-Yo", their upcoming repackaged album.

In related news, worldwide fans of Hachan are sending their well-wishes and prayers for the singer and the hashtag #GetWellSoonHaechan is trending globally in support of the K-pop idol's speedy recovery.

Band member Taeyong requested fans to pray for Haechaen during a performance so that the singer could join the group soon.