LE SSERAFIM's member Hong Eunchae recently sat down for an interview, following a pictorial shoot, with Elle magazine for their January edition. She gave an insight into her relationship with the other group members and the things that motivate her.

Eunchae shared that she gained a lot of confidence owing to the comeback promotions of the band and also because of the year-end stages. The singer added that she realized that a lot of people actually found LE SSERAFIM's music and performances worth watching and really good.

The K-pop idol talked about what motivated her on stage and said that there are times when she feels tired or overwhelmed during the stage of preparation. However, each time she imagines herself on stage, doing every sequence and every move perfectly, and when she views that version of herself, she feels as if it is possible for her to do anything.

According to Eunchae, even if she is anxious or nervous, or concerned that she might make an error, the minute she is on the stage and the track comes on, the realization hits her that this is what she has worked for and she swells up with confidence.

The South Korean singer discussed what kind of presence the LE SSERAFIM members symbolized in her life, telling her that they find every single thing she does way too cute.

Eunchae said that the four other members sometimes feel like older sisters and sometimes like they are her moms, and she feels like she can always depend on them.

In a previous interview, Eunchae shared what it was like to be the last member to join LE SSERAFIM and how it felt to meet the rest. The band's maknae revealed that she became a part of the band when the others had already become familiar with the songs and the dance choreographies.

Eunchae shared that seeing the other members' performances made her feel pressured and worried as she had to do it as well as the rest. Another factor was the age variation from the rest and the fact that she is a shy person in real.

The rookie idol is now glad that all these factors are no longer issues and a thing of the past as their many conferences, dance practices, and recording periods helped them bond.