In a new interview with the prestigious American music magazine Rolling Stone, artist Pharrell Williams disclosed that mega K-pop band BTS is featured in his new album "Phriends".

The interview included a discussion between BTS's leader RM and Pharrel, where the latter mentioned that the album's title is "Phriends" and that then he told RM that they were on it obviously and that he was actually talking about it more than he was supposed to. He added that the song from the album that BTS sang was amazing and that he was super grateful.

Namjoon replied that he just loved the song. The American singer further revealed that he also had a collaboration with RM coming up for his solo album.

RM described that 90 percent of the album's work was already done. He had released some mixtapes as one of the BTS members, but it was just an experiment. He thought this time it might be his official first solo album.

Namjoon shared that K-pop is all about groups and bands. He chatted that his career started with him in the role of poet and rapper. Furthermore, K-pop is like a mix, it is a blend of American pop music and other visuals, social, media, and Korea. The genre is also really hectic and tense, so it has its own pros and cons.

Pharrel said that he was just going to put this out there though RM had mentioned that he was done with 90 percent of his solo album, however, if within the last 10 percent the K-pop idol would need Pharrel, though he did no really need him, he would be there the artist implied. The leader of BTS said that he always needed Pharrel for 15 years.

The "Happy" singer also asked RM who were the producers of his solo record. The BTS band member replied sometimes they do their own stuff and there is an in-house team that worked with the band in the label and sometimes they also get their songs from outside too, basically the whole procedure is flexible.

The American artist also had some sound advice for Namjoon. He told the BTS star to continue to move forward, continue to be curious, and never put any type of pressure or exclaim things like "I will never make music again, rather stay along for the ride and simply keep going.