South Korean singer Crush found himself in the middle of controversy and under fire recently after a video went viral that allegedly showed him moving away from fans who had darker skin tones.

In the video, he was giving out high-fives to everyone standing close to the stage but moved away and refrained from giving a high-five to a particular section. According to online commentators, the singer intentionally stepped away due to those fans' skin color.

The singer then issued a statement on Instagram presenting his side of the facts. Crush said that he stepped away from that section of the crowd due to safety concerns. He apologized for the ensuing misunderstanding.

In the detailed statement, Crush mentioned that he wanted to address the issue surrounding the audience interaction from his performance at the 2022 SOMEDAY PLEROMA.

The singer revealed that he had been away for approximately two years and being able to perform on stage with his dearest fans in the audience was such a long-awaited and unforgettable experience, so he instinctively and naturally walked towards and reached down to the crowd.

Crush added that to avoid further misunderstanding, he wanted to explain that he had to refrain from doing high-fives with the fans in certain sections as a safety precaution as they were getting too near the fences that held up the audience section and he saw that fans in the front row were getting pushed towards the fence, therefore he as per a quick judgment he did not approach for the safety of his fans.

The celebrity ended his statement by sincerely apologizing for the misunderstanding that his actions may have caused. Crush also said that he loves each and every one of his fans and would never discriminate or favor anyone.

The singer's explanatory statement post has received many likes, including one from BTS band member J-Hope. However, a large section of social media users is not convinced about the authenticity of his intentions.

One commentator on social media pointed out that Crush was high-fiving nearly everyone, including those right next to the fans he stepped away from. So the singer's apology did not make any sense because if it was a safety issue he should not have touched anyone at all, rather he was cherry-picking from the crowd.

Social media commentators were also unhappy because Hobi liked Crush's post, with netizens expressing that he needed to stop liking everything he saw on the timeline.