J-Hope has released the new scorching teaser photos for "Arson", his next single. The BTS singer, who is making his solo debut with the forthcoming album "Jack in the Box", slated for release on July 15, shows a darker side of him with the pictures.

In general, Hobi is more known for his sunny, bubbly, and cheerful personality. The new album will show a different side of him, showcasing the fact that the singer can exceed any limit when it comes to making good music.

In an earlier note, J-Hope had revealed that he wanted to highlight the emotions of Jung Hoseok (the artist's real name) through "Jack in the Box". The artist shared that he wanted to showcase J-Hope's emotions in several ways. He also shared that it was an important process a human called Jung Hoseok and J-Hope was taking the next step as an individual and that he would be thankful if everyone would look forward to it and give interest.

Meanwhile, the new concept photos show a grim visual of Hobi posing next to a vehicle, which has been smashed and set ablaze against a backdrop of a cloudy sky.

The South Korean artist is seen wearing a white jumpsuit, leaning against the car, while looking at the camera. Another set of sepia-toned photos shows a solitary J-Hope, dressed in charred attire, amidst wreckage. The BTS rapper shared the photo with the caption "I burned it all".

The song "Arson" reportedly shows J-Hope's encounter with the world outside the box, where he stands at the crossroads deciding which path he should follow.

The K-pop superstar recently dropped the 10-song track list for his new album, with the first single "More" already released earlier this month. The other nine songs include "Intro", "Arson", "What if...", "Future", "Pandora's Box", "Stop", "Music Box: Reflection", "= (Equal Sign", and "Safety Zone".

Incidentally, Hobi is the first of all the seven BTS band members to announce his debut album as a soloist after the group announced its hiatus to focus on individual projects.

In other news, BTS won two awards, namely "Global Hit of the Year" for their collab song with Coldplay called "My Universe" and "K-Pop Dominance, at the MTV Millennial 2022 Awards.

The MTV Millennial Awards (MIAW) is an annual Latin American music awards that has been taking place in Mexico City, Mexico, since the first edition on July 16, 2013.