Kim Taehyung V of BTS recently scored a milestone by grabbing a solo cover on Vogue Korea. It was a milestone since BTS usually appears on magazine covers on shoots as a group of seven. However, since the band announced its hiatus, many of the members seem to have come into their own.

The Vogue Korea issue for October has also witnessed one of the highest numbers of pre-orders, just because of V alone. Now, Vogue has released a snippet with glimpses of TaeTae from the shoot for the magazine. The video captures the megastar's various moods and personas where he can be seen exuding calmness, and pulling each of the photoshoots looks with elan and elegance.

The magazine quoted the singer in the caption stating a quote from Taehyung where he said that V is just one of himself, and one of many personas that he has. Vogue also called V an era-defining star. The snippet was released as V, through the eye of Vogue Korea.

The entire film highlights the final part of promotions for V's first solo fashion magazine editorial that will lead up to the issue's release.

It was quite evident that the magazine deep-dived into TaeTae's world as the beautiful concept film captured his essence perfectly, showcasing his mysterious, enigmatic, seductive, dream-like, and timeless personality.

The stunning visuals did justice to the heartthrob's gorgeous looks as he looked like a romantic hero, the protagonist right out of a novel. Fans also took to social media and online communities to discuss V's seductive aura and intense stares, sending the ARMY into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Taehyung has been expressing his passion for fashion over the past many years in various ways. The latest magazine shoot by Vogue is a natural culmination of V's fashionista persona. The 27-year-old singer has often talked about his interest in high fashion and is famous worldwide for his camera-friendly enchanting looks. Now he is looking like beautiful poetry in motion in the newly released snippet.

Incidentally, V's photo is to be exhibited in Vogue Singapore's just launched fashion-first Web3 community called "Vogue's New World". TaeTae's picture will be unlocked for users to view and visit next month. However, at the moment, there is no information on whether his photo for the exhibition will be a new one or from the Vogue Korea photoshoot.