South Korean multinational entertainment agency SM Entertainment recently hosted the first SMTOWN Live concert in Korea, which took place at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

Many SM artists took part in the concert SHINee, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, NCT, aespa, Red Velvet, and EXO, all of whom rendered incredible performances.

However, an eye-catching and odd moment developed during EXO's show. It was noticed that when band member Chen appeared to render his part, a majority of the fans turned off their lightsticks. Not only that, when D.O. performed his part, right after Chen, the fans switched back the lights on the lightsticks.

The whole incident gave the feeling that the fans were cold-shouldering Chen. According to various reports, fans were doing so to get back at Chen because they felt that the K-pop idol had mistreated them.

The whole negative vibe stems from a petition by K-pop fans to drop Chen from EXO as he is married with two children. Though the idea of dropping a singer just because he is married seems absurd and toxic, in K-pop dating and marriage are viewed as taboo.

Furthermore, some fans feel betrayed as they think they have a say in the private life of their K-pop idols as they are so invested in the concept.

When Chen first announced his wedding and the birth of two children, there was a petition put up by Korean EXO-Ls (EXO's fandom) to kick him out of the band. Now, it seems that fans have still not warmed back to Chen, as the audience reaction suggested.

A black ocean at such ensemble concerts is a term used when fans turn off their lightsticks, creating a black void. It is way, albeit petty, for fans to let the performing artists know they are not welcomed.

Moreover, there are also rumors that fans had booed Chen and also ignored his performance as well as kept silent during his speech at the end.

Many fans are also of the opinion that the black ocean photos being spread for Chen's segment at the concert are the work of online trolls who are on propaganda to malign his name, and that they had edited the photos and also are trying to make them viral. Some have even posted photos showing all the lightsticks as working.

Devoted fans of Chen have also come forward on social media and online communities to say it is good that the K-pop idol focuses on normal fans who attend concerts for his music, and do not harbor delusions of a false sense of ownership for Chen.