EXO Chen's second pregnancy has become a reality shock for fans.

Last year, Chen announced news of his marriage to a non-celebrity girlfriend in a handwritten letter to fans and further revealed his girlfriend was also pregnant. On the 16th, once again news of his wife's second pregnancy has become a shock for fans and the response is quite different from a year ago.

On January 13, 2020, Chen wrote in a handwritten letter, "The new life that has come is a blessing." However, for the fans, it wasn't a "middle of the night" blessing. Chen is an idol. Idol means idol.

People tend to imitate idols and status and influence of Korean idols is growing day by day. First gen idols like HOT won the hearts of the public with their music and dance and increased communication between idols and fans brought on by developments in SNS have greatly increased the influence of idols. It has moved beyond artistic output to an era of consuming idol content.

EXO officials had stated last year, "Before announcing Chen's marriage officially, we had time to discuss with the members and as all the members had suffered the pain of member's leaving in the past, they expressed their desire to continue working together in the future." However, the reversal of the situation wasn't easy. Fans turned their backs and even put up ads and rallies urging him to leave. Chen remained silent and only opened his mouth to confirm news of his enlistment.

The bell of reality is ringing once again for fans who are immersed in fantasies about idols. Another "blessing" that is once again bringing tears to fans. Maybe it's because fans were not given luxury of a handwritten letter this time. As a result fans can no longer smile in the face of Chen's latest "blessing."

SR: Daily Naver Blog