TXT made history at the Lollapalooza Music Festival, held in the US city of Chicago over the weekend. They became the first K-pop group ever to perform at the event, even before J-Hope's headline act, which was a day later.

The group was greeted on stage with chants of "TXT" from the packed-out crowd. As soon as the performances began, they jumped and sang along in tandem with the band.

The South Korean band thrilled the audience with their powerful vocals fusing seamlessly with the live performances of their well-known hits. The K-pop idols performed "Valley of Lies", their newly-released single while showing off the dance move of the #ValleyofLies viral challenge, created by band member Yeonjun.

The group addressed the cheering crowd by saying that it was nice to finally meet them at the festival and that they had been dreaming of the stage for a long time.

TXT shared that they started their world tour in the South Korean capital city of Seoul and performed across seven US cities earlier in July, and they were ecstatic to be able to finally wrap the US shows with the Lollapalooza show.

The band ended their set by saying that they would never forget the moment and just like the meaning of TXT's name (short for TOMORROW X TOGETHER), they looked forward to meeting their fans again at the same spot.

Incidentally, megastars Jimin and J-Hope of BTS, whom TXT considers their heroes, also attended the performance. They were present at the venue to show support to a fellow K-pop group, also created by the same label that made the Bangtan Boys.

The two BTS members were seen standing close to the barricade and singing along with the band. The whole display warmed the heart of the audience as well as BTS and TXT fans worldwide, who found the affection endearing. In fact, the audience for the TXT show had a good number present from BTS's fandom known as the ARMY. They could be easily discerned due to their BTS light sticks.

TXT member Taehyun also posted an update about Hobi on Twitter captioning it as, "With (the) most cool guy in the world".

Bang Shi Hyuk, who is the founder of Big Hit Music, was also present in the audience, exuding a strong fatherly support vibe for the band.