BTS recently attended an appointment ceremony for their role at the 2030 Busan Wrld Expo for which they have been chosen as the ambassadors.

Fans were quick to notice that band member V looked rather confused and uncomfortable during the event. Though the ARMY was left in splits with the much-loved singer's confused reactions, they were also not too happy about how uncomfortable V looked.

BTS attended the ceremony on Tuesday held at the headquarters of management company HYBE in Seoul. One of the event's most viral moments is that of TaeTae and his reaction after an official greeted him and suddenly, literally, grabbed his hand and raised it high.

In the viral video, V who was wearing a mask is seen greeting the personnel by holding his hand and bowing in front of him, but the excited man looked a tad too happy to be in such close proximity to Taehyung and raised his hand, leaving the megastar hilariously confused.

Later on, a member of the ARMY said that the man in the video was actually the Director of Policy Coordination and Planning at the Office of the President, and his name is Jang Seong-Min.

However, the action and the video have also been receiving flak because fans believe that the officials present at the ceremony were too excited and kind of manhandled the superstars by grabbing their hands and raising them. Therefore, it is no wonder that V looked confused.

Incidentally, it is not the only instance when V seemed confused during the ceremony, though for no fault of his. During the event, BTS leader RM addressed the audience while the rest of the band members joined him on the stage.

Namjoon started by counting down to the introduction like the Bangtan Boys usually do. However, instead of saying "Three, Two, One, We are BTS", RM said "3, 2, Busan". The change in introduction caught TaeTae by surprise and ended up looking confused.

Meanwhile, in a statement, RM said that BTS was honored to be appointed as the ambassador for World Expo 2030 Busan. He shared that the band will do their best to support bringing the World Expo 2030 to the port city of Busan.

Namjoon shared that BTS will be doing several duties as the ambassador and also make extra efforts to not only support the country's bid but also promote the beautiful culture and nature of the Republic of Korea worldwide.