The agency of K-pop bands BTS and TXT, Big Hit Music has recently shared two different statements related to the protection of its artists against personal attacks such as sexual harassment, false rumors, personal attacks, ill-intentioned criticism, maliciously edited posts, and the spread of groundless information

In the formal statement, the agency said they regularly initiate a legal response against malicious activity perpetrators related to BTS. Moreover, recently they have filed additional criminal complaints against defamation and personal attack posts using new information that fans provide as well as those the agency collects through their monitoring initiatives.

Big Hit Music shared that one person had put up posts, using various, different IP addresses on DC Inside, which contained insults against the artist. The aforementioned posts included a video clip that maliciously edited the voices of artists on YouTube. Such an act was also a violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network. The agency has been monitoring these kinds of malicious posts and filed criminal complaints against the person posting such malicious things.

The agency disclosed they found more defamation postings with extremely delusional and malicious content and started legal proceedings against such people. The complaint they filed includes non-mentioned platforms as the company cannot reveal every content detail to ensure a proper investigation.

The agency mentioned that they regularly collect information on malicious postings related to the Bangtan Boys, report them to the authorities, as well as file criminal complaints. Big Hit Music also warned that in the case of an accused of a recent ongoing investigation, who attempted to settle the case, no leniency or settlement would be shown.

The company strictly stressed the fact that they will go on initiating strict measures for ensuring there are no repetition of these malicious acts and the policy of no leniency and no settlement will remain in effect.

According to Big Hit Music, fan reports are very helpful in responding to such activities and they asked for their continued support by using the agency's hotline to report abuse cases. The company promised to ensure the rights of its artists are fully protected.

The agency signed off saying they were always grateful for the dedication and affection showed by fans of BTS and TXT.

Incidentally, the agency had shared one statement in Korean and the other in English.