Recently, Kim Taehyung shared a post on Weverse apologizing to his fans and media reporters who had been waiting for him since the morning at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center as he could not stop to greet them.

V was returning from France, where he attended the Celine show at the Paris Fashion Week with fellow K-pop megastar Lisa of BLACKPINK and actor Park Bo Gum. Naturally, there were throngs of fans and press awaiting eagerly at the airport, even though TaeTae's flight got delayed and he made his way out only in the afternoon.

But the usually amiable and friendly V did not stop for anyone and made directly for his vehicle. Now, many fans, who were present at the airport during the incident, have stepped up to explain the different events due to which TaeTae had to leave the airport in a hurry.

According to those fans, certain incidents happened before Taehyung's arrival. Firstly the flight arrival was delayed and secondly, it started raining heavily. So the security staff told the waiting fans to leave the place and come back at 11 AM.

Subsequently, some of the waiting fans got anxious because they thought they would lose their spot in the crowd, though the security staff came and helped in organizing the line. However, at that very point, it started pouring heavily and while some fans were trying to escape the rain, a bunch of late-comer fans ran to the front of the line and took the top spot as well as started a fight with those who were already waiting there. Finally, the police had to be called.

Usually, there is a rope line between press members and fans, but because of the rain and chaos, these were not present. The late-comer fans who initially started to cause the problems also started behaving in an unruly manner. When they spotted Lisa's car, they rushed to it and started to bang on the windows dangerously.

They also started to linger around the car waiting for V, though the reporters told them to move. Finally, when TaeTae was supposed to walk out, the security team went in to brief him. It is being speculated that they updated him about the unruly situation. Consequently, V's car went straight to the exit, so that the K-pop idol didn't have to walk the short distance to the vehicle, and could make a quick getaway.