J-Hope has taken his fans on a thrilling ride ever since he announced his upcoming solo album "Jack in the Box".

The K-pop idol had released teaser photos a few days ago that had a sunny look. He followed it up by giving off a sinister vibe in an all-black outfit, where he is seen wearing a jester's cap with darkened eyes, captured against an isolated backdrop.

Now, J-Hope seems to be the dark vibe a notch higher with his newly released second set of concept photos, where he is seen dressed in white but with lifeless facial expressions and a dark-eye look.

The second concept set of photos comprised two sets of pictures, in one Hobi, with a mic in his hand, is seen standing along with a couple of men who are disfigured and give a zombie look.

The second set of pictures depicts various men and women working on computers and desks, while the South Korean rapper is seen with creepy facial expressions and a dead look in his eye, as he stands next to a printer.

Meanwhile, the ARMY lost their collective calm over Hobi's scary avatar and they cannot wait anymore for the album to drop. At the same time, the ARMY has always associated J-Hope with a cheery and happy personality therefore they are a bit surprised to see the scary and grungy look.

However, with the eerie image drop, the ARMY was immediately reminded of the time when Hobi replied to a question during a recent interview. The ARMY is, therefore, speculating if the new album will highlight the more serious side of Hobi.

The rapper said if he was going to convey the things he wanted to say, he would have to be darker. He shared that it was something he had never done before, so he was excited to try something new. Hobi also mentioned that he was heavily influenced by what his heart was telling him, and that is why he decided to give it a try.

BigHit Music has confirmed that the "More" music video will drop on July 1, while the album will be released on July 29. The album's first look received support from fellow bandmates of BTS Kim Taehyung and RM. V expressed excitement and Namjoon wrote that he was looking forward to the track.