Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS returned to Seoul from France on Tuesday. He had gone to Paris to attend the Celine show at the Men's Fashion Week, where the luxury brand showed its Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

After landing at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center, V made straight to his van, without stopping to greet the waiting members of the ARMY and the local press.

Fans and photographers had been waiting at the airport since the morning for TaeTae's arrival, as he was scheduled to land at 8:55 am. However, there was a delay in his flight schedule, and V was seen exiting the arrival gate well after noon.

Actor Park Bo Gum and BLACKPINK's Lisa who traveled to and fro to Paris together with V for the same event stopped to give photos to the waiting press and said a few words. Taehyung, however, walked directly to his van without saying a word to anyone.

The photographers could not take a single good photo of the megastar as his back was turned to the cameras. Many fans took to discussions on online communities and social media platforms, expressing their regret while others raised concerns about whether TaeTae was feeling unwell.

Soon enough, V posted an apology on Weverse addressing the reporters and ARMY and expressing that he was sorry for getting his vehicle straight away. He also asked if they had waited for long.

To make up for the moment, V said that he had brought a present for everyone by posting a photo of the night sky, a picture that he had apparently captured from the plane during his flight back from Seoul.

Fans and netizens reacted positively to the super idol's apology. Many thought that though V was jetlagged and tired, he still ensured to wave to the reporters and fans from his van, in addition to posting an apology for not being able to interact or give photos.

Moreover, in France V made an exception to HYBE's no autograph rule for the Parisians, the latter also took over social media to mention their experience of meeting the famous star, saying how humble and polite he was to them. They also praised TaeTae for acknowledging them by waving even when he was sitting at the Celine show venue.

It is not without reason that V is one of the most popular and loved celebrities in the world.