Megastars Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK have been seen enjoying a roaring time during their recent trip to France for the Paris Fashion Week, which they both attended for the Celine show.

Fans couldn't have been happier seeing the pleasant interactions between the two huge superstars, both of whom respectively belong to the two biggest K-pop bands today. Lisa was also seen addressing V as "oppa", which means big brother in Korean.

Now the duo has taken the frenzy of the fans a notch even higher, much to the delight and joy of both the ARMY and BLINKS, by engaging in some fun pole dancing during the after party of the Celine show.

A new video clip is going viral on Twitter that shows both the icons trying their skills at pole dancing, as their teams and people present at the party cheered on.

Now all the millions of people who love the two celebrities are asking if they are collectively hallucinating because all the playfulness and pleasantries shown by the duo are too much of an excitement for fans, it is too much of a good thing!

In the new snippet, TaeTae is seen laughing and giggling as he shyly spins around a pole successfully, while Lisa is seen jumping on the pole as she tries her luck at pole dancing. After failing the first time, the BLACKPINK maknae is seen holding up one finger and mouthing the words "one more" before trying a second attempt where she succeeds.

Online communities and social media platforms were ripe with comments from fans who never thought that they would see V and Lisa pole dancing in real life. Some fans also thought that the people present at the after-party were too lucky to witness such an event.

The two stars had traveled to France on the same plane and were joined by fellow Korean celebrity Park Bo Gum, who is also a friend of V's. The trio took over the Paris Fashion Week with their star power.

Meanwhile, the trio has returned to South Korea, V shared the information with his fans on Weverse and also posted a photo with Park Bo Gum showing off their friendly camaraderie. Netizens and fans couldn't have been happier with all the happy and fun exchanges between the three in Paris.