Things are naturally going to be in a frenzy when two of the biggest stars of K-Pop, belonging to two of the most iconic bands, attend an event at the same time. Such was the case when Kim Taehyung of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK were seen attending the Celine Show during the Paris Fashion Week.

To see two megastars, both of whom are equally loved, and both of whom have millions of loyal and loving fans around the world, in one venue was just too much for everyone to take, creating mayhem at the venue itself and also taking the internet by storm. It was the perfect show of star power.

Adding to the momentous occasion was the fact, that another famous Korean celebrity Park Bo Gum also joined V and Lisa, making a powerful trio that had just taken over the Paris Fashion Week. The surrounding streets of the venue had massive crowds of the ARMY and BLINKs present in equal measure to witness the amazing moment.

Fandoms of all the three celebrities were happy to see the friendly equation between the three stars. It is the type of stellar crossover that makes everyone happy and also causes a social media meltdown. The trio was spotted posing together for pictures at the Palais de Tokyo during the Celine show for the "DYSFUNCTIONAL BAUHAUS" collection by Hedi Slimane.

If that was not all, Lisa referred to V as Oppa (big brother) during a photo opportunity with the media and fans! This momentous occasion caused a further meltdown on online communities and social media platforms.

In the short video clip, the BLACKPINK maknae and Taehyung were standing side by side when Lisa turned to the latter and mouthed "Oppa" to get his attention for a photo. K-pop enthusiasts were fascinated by the exchange because mostly adding the suffix "ssi" or "sunbaenim" is the usual way Korean celebrities address their seniors from the industry for formality.

Lisa, who is the brand's current global ambassador since 2020 and Slimane's muse since 2021, dazzled with a black backless sequin top, which she paired with black shorts. V wore a red leather jacket with a black turtleneck underneath paired with faux leather pants. TaeTae accessorized his look with a statement diamond necklace. Park Bo Gum was dressed in an all-black suit.