Source Music/HYBE Labels have released a full statement related to the latest accusations against Kim Garam, a member of the newly-debuted, rookie band LE SSERAFIM.

The statement began by apologizing to the fans for creating concerns with recent events. HYBE said that they initially refrained from revealing certain details of the incident due to concerns that if the detailed account would become publicized, then several of the other minor students involved with the incident might have suffered from the danger of having their social media accounts and identities exposed.

HYBE also said they wanted to highlight that the main point from the session of the School Violence Countermeasures Committee in question was basically that Kim Garam's alleged bullied victim Yoo Eunseo, who is now the client of Daeryun law firm, took a photo of a classmate.

The photo was taken without consent when the person was changing in the changing room without consent. It was then shared with another classmate through SNS, and these actions made Kim Garam and her friends angry and they confronted Yoo Eunseo. However, no physical violence took place during the confrontation.

Yoo Eunseo acknowledged what she did was wrong, however, in the end, she got no punishment for her actions, rather she then accused Kim Garam and others of being bullies, thereafter calling upon a committee meeting. After that Yoo Eunseo moved to a different school before the meeting occurred, consequently, Kim Garam and another student got penalized.

The agency continued that, however, in light of the recent developments where various SNS and online communities exaggerated the rumors that the LE SSERAFIM singer was a one-sided bully, involved in habitual bullying of school classmates. Now that the rumors started to spread unchecked, HYBE wanted to clarify these accusations.

The entertainment company shared that they wanted to apologize for Kim Garam's past wrongful speech and actions, even if she confronted another student for defending a hurt a friend who was hurt. The agency said that the singer admitted that threatening and cursing another classmate was wrong.

Furthermore, the singer continued to move forward toward her future dreams, despite having been victimized through school and cyberbullying after the first year of middle school. She also felt significantly strained mentally due to the malicious attacks and rumors leading to her debut.

In the light of all ongoing developments, after a discussion with the singer, HYBE decided that Kim Garam would take temporary hiatus from promotions to focus on healing herself emotionally and mentally and emotionally. Until she is recovered, for the time being, LE SSERAFIM will take up its promotional activities as a 5-member group.

The agency, which also manages the world's biggest K-pop act BTS, mentioned that although the events related to Kim Garam took place during middle school in a chaotic time, the singer was being reflective about her immature actions. The label also apologized for causing concern with their late response and for the recent developments with their artist.