K-Drama "Twenty-Five Twenty-One" has come under fire for its most recent 10th episode and is facing backlash online, with many k-netizens and fans debating over it.

Episode 10 of the series, starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, which aired on March 13 is the cause of all the controversy. In the episode, the character of Nam Joo Hyuk confessed his love to the character of Kim Tae Ri. The scene ended hinting at Kim Tae Ri's acceptance of his confession, and this has been debated as well.

Kim Tae Ri plays the role of an 18-year-old high school student, according to the plot description of the drama. However, the age could also refer to her Korean age and not the international age. In Korea, a person's age is one-two years more than what is considered their actual age as per international standards. Also, the character of Kim Tae Ri is still in high school.

In the drama's original plot description, the two characters fall in love when they are 25 and 21 years old, however, they meet at the ages of 21 and 18 respectively.

Shortly after the 10th episode aired, many k-netizens took to social media and online communities to criticize "Twenty-Five Twenty-One" for making the relationship with a minor romantic. They argued that media has an impact on how people view such kinds of relationships.

The audience also expressed their displeasure with the direction the drama had taken, saying how uncomfortable it was to see the love line between a college student and a high school student, who was still in uniform. Netizens also wondered if this scene was necessary given the fact that they would not reunite in the series for 3 years.

Meanwhile, many others argued that both characters are adults, even if one of them is still in high school, so there was actually no problem and that the matter was simply being blown out of proportion.

The debate seemed to primarily revolve around the age of Kim Tae Ri's character. The viewers felt that the production team should have carefully thought about the impact the scene could have on the audience.

One netizen put forward the point that it felt uncomfortable to watch a scene depicting a mutual love with a minor still in school uniform. Furthermore, the show could have waited until the character played Kim Tae Ri had graduated before showing a scene like this, as per netizens.