Kim Tae Ri, who played Captain Jang in the hit Netflix movie Space Sweepers, has recently joined an interview and talk about his role in the movie and the love she received from co-stars on the set.

The actress revealed that she was attracted to the character because it was so different from her image, and playing the role couldn't be imagined easily.

The First Sci-Fi Movie Of Korea

Since Space Sweepers is Korea's first-ever space SF genre, the premiere of the drama becomes special.

The actress revealed that she enjoys SF movies a lot. "When we say SF, we draw a picture that's quite western because we're used to the foreign films, but our movie is very Korean," she added.

Furthermore, the actress shared that the filming had to be done solely on imagination. She explained that there was nothing on the screen, and they had to embody the images only by their vision and the director's suggestions.

Kim Tae Ri stated that she had a hard time filming the scenes and had regrets when she saw the final version. "I wished I could react a little bigger. But I do love moving my bodies, so working on action sequences was fun."

Kim Tae Ri's Chemistry With Song Joong Ki And The Rest Of The Cast

Moreover, the actress talked about the perfect chemistry she had with Song Joong Ki, Jin Seon Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin.

She said that the chemistry was perfect, and the cast cared for her well with love, jokes, affection, and scoldings. "I learned a lot."

The actress stated that Joong Ki isn't that much older than her, but he looks like a real adult in responding to things. She revealed that it felt like he was the one which's suited to be a captain even though she was Captain Jang while looking at Song embracing the people on the set.