The K-drama "Snowdrop", which has Blackpink's unni Jisoo and Jung Hae-in in the lead roles, has wrapped up filming. In a new video posted online, the cast can be seen bidding an emotional farewell to each other.

In the clip, Jung Hae-in thanked everyone, particularly Jisoo, who played the role of his romantic interest in the series. The actor said that it was the last day of filming and time to say goodbye to 'Snowdrop.'"

Jung Hae-in also shared that he was going through many complex feelings, about the show ending, and that he will know once he films the final scene. He added that generally when a drama ends, one feels relieved, but he called the moment bittersweet.

The South-Korean star also revealed that he was very surprised by how Jisoo was on the set, immersed into her role, her attitude towards the staff, and her positive and bright outlook. The BLACKPINK singer understood the directions well and showed that right away.

Jung Hae-in was also surprised by Jisoo's speed and skills. The actor thanked everyone and added that Jisoo was the best.

The two co-stars have shared a good rapport and friendship during the shooting and often posted photos from the set of the drama, many times even leading to relationship rumors.

Meanwhile, Jisoo also said that she couldn't really believe that the show was ending, and felt dazed. The superstar also had an adorable message for Jung Hae-in, saying that he worked hard toward leading her because it was her first time playing the lead role, so she wanted to say thank you so much. The singer revealed that she was thankful to her co-star because of whom she was able to gain strength to film, so she really, really appreciated it.

A historical drama, "Snowdrop" revolves around the important year of 1987, which included the June 1987 Democracy Movement. It was a protest by the masses that compelled the dictatorial government of South Korea to hold fair elections.

Elections in South Korea were finally held in December 1987, which marked the end of the domineering Fifth Republic Of Korea, and led to the creation of the democratic Sixth Republic of Korea.

Jung Hae-in is seen in the role of Lim Soo-ho, who is discovered covered in blood by Jisoo's character of Young-Ro. She hides him in the dormitory of her college dormitory, only to find out that there is more to him than he reveals. Soon, the two begin on a relationship, in the backdrop of political unrest.