In a recent pictorial and interview for Vogue Korea's January 2022 issue, BTS's RM introspected some of his biggest concerns at the moment.

RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-Joon, answered questions regarding whether BTS's role as South Korea's representative was a source of new opportunities, artistic inspiration, or musically limiting. The singer expressed that it was all of those things. He confessed that at times representing the country feels great, while at other moments it can be a lot of pressure.

The BTS leader added that what is certain is that their role isn't something they achieved because they sought it out, and it's not something that goes away just because they want it to. He opined that it is his fate to accept it as his calling and do a good job at what he can, and rounded off the statement by saying that this kind of life is fun too.

RM reflected on how BTS's music has changed over the years since debuting in 2013. He remarked that trends change quickly and his own ear for music has changed, which made him wonder if the band's mega-hits like "Permission to Dance" and "Butter" will also get outdated with time.

The artist added that he wanted to produce something long-lasting and timeless. RM also felt that he has developed the ability to think in multisensory dimensions, such as touch or vision, while creating music and lyrics.

The vocalist also opened up about his concerns over his career's longevity, expressing that painters have such long careers because some hold their first exhibition at 40, while others don't make any sales until they are 60.

In the same context, Nam-Joon said that he debuted at 20 [Korean age], and is being told that he represents the country nation at age 28, and also already being asked questions about his next step. It is why the singer wants to have the kind of longevity that painters do.

RM also shared that having dreams is important too, though some people say it is more important to focus on the present, and added that he is struggling too due to the expectations others and he has of himself. Even in the future, if he were to change fields still people would expect him to accomplish something and he might not be able to live up to such expectations.

RM concluded the interview by hoping that everything he does leaves something meaningful behind.