Hybe Entertainment, the management label of super K-pop group BTS, has dropped the teaser of "7 Fates: Chakho". It is an upcoming webtoon, which features the seven members of the South-Korean mega band.

The entertainment company has released a 15-second long clip of the webtoon on a YouTube page dedicated to it. "7 Fates: Chakho" is scheduled for release in January 2022 as both a webcomic and a Wattpad web novel.

The short teaser shows Jin looking at a magical, mysterious light that floats above him. The next scene shows all the other six members seemingly trying to reach for the light. The clip ends with RM and Jungkook holding the ball of light in their hands.

Hybe had first made the announcement about the upcoming webtoon in November. The label had said that they working in collaboration with artists to create several original stories.

According to Hybe Entertainment, the webtoon's story centers around seven men who are bound by fate to get rid of monsters in their community.

"7 Fates: Chakho" is an urban fantasy, revolving around a near-future city. The story also takes inspiration from the Joseon Dynasty's tiger hunters. Hybe has combined traditional old stories along with its own imagination, according to the entertainment label.

Incidentally, South Korea had a high population of Siberian tigers during ancient times that attacked communities and aroused fear among the inhabitants who were no match against the hungry tigers.

To address the scary issue, King Sejong formed the tiger hunters as a special force known as Chakhogapsa in 1421. They had incomparable hunting abilities and could accurately hit their intended targets even while horse riding.

"7 Fates: CHAKHO" is going to be launched on the webtoon portal of Naver next year on January 15. It follows the Bangtan Boys time travel webtoon called "Save Me", which was released in 2019 and was highly successful.

In addition to the teaser, the management company also released photos of Jungkook, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V, and RM with the caption "7 Fates" and that fate comes in various forms.

The webtoon will also feature popular Korean folklore creatures such as Bulgasalyi, which is a monster that eats metal scraps, and Dokkaebi that are basically trickster goblins.

Meanwhile, you can watch the dramatic, newly released clip here. For now, all fans of BTS and the ARMY are super excited to get a glimpse of their favorite boys, who are otherwise on a temporary hiatus from work and enjoying a holiday with their respective families.