Kim Taehyung of the K-pop mega group BTS recently responded to the proposal of a fan to fellow bandmate J-Hope. The former, known popularly as V, took to Weverse on Thursday to reply to several comments from the ARMY.

One of the comments that came up was a fan asking to marry J-Hope. V had a prompt and rather hilarious reply to the proposal. V said that he would forward the proposal by taking a screenshot and sending it to J-Hope. He further added that the time taken to get a reply is about two weeks.

Another fan said that they were married to Hobi, which is the name that many fans use to address J-Hope. V responded to the fan, saying that was it a marriage app on Weverse! He also put up a thinking face emoji with the comment.

Speaking about the K-pop group's US stay, one fan questioned if the English skills of the septet improved while they were in the US. V replied that only his pronunciation became better.

Taehyung also said he was not alone and with his family when someone asked if he liked going on adventures alone and that the fan also wanted to do something like that but thought they might get lonely.

A fan also asked what was Taetae's location (fans lovingly call V Taetae) and whether he was enjoying it, and what was the time difference. V did not disclose anything. He only commented that he was on an adventure and would post photos after leaving the place.

It has now come to light that V was actually on a vacation in Hawaii along with J-Hope. He recently took to social media to post photos of the same.

Meanwhile, V and J-Hope have finally returned to South Korea. They were recently spotted at the Incheon International Airport. Taetae looked uber stylish in his airport style comprising a black furry winter jacket that he paired with a green printed Louis Vuitton shorts.

The look prompted fans to say on social media that it seemed as if V was still not over his Hawaiin vacation. Other ARMY members thought it was the perfect Winter-Summer style, with half catering to Hawaii's tropical weather and the other half being well-suited for South Korea's dropping temperatures.

J-Hope was seen wearing a fluffy, oversized, brown bathrobe-type coat with a hood that soon brought up comparisons by fans to a warm, teddy bear.