Blackpink is under controversy for immediately switching to a rival company's products.

On Monday, an article titled "Blackpink are ruthless when contract ends" was posted in an online community. The author shared a photo Jisoo posted on her IG on the 10th with the caption, "Wow, barely changed it. New phone, cute case" as proof that Blackpink are currently using iPhone 13.

As evidence that Blackpink are "ruthless", the author shared selcas Rosé and Jennie posted on their IG showing off their iPhone 13 to their 53 million and more followers.

Netizens also pointed out that Jisoo's words saying "just changed it" could lead to a misunderstanding that Blackpink reluctantly used Samsung Galaxy phone because they were exclusive models.

Netizens shared criticism writing, "In Southeast Asia, low-priced phones sold well after Blackpink modeled the A80" "Shouldn't they have picked a model that used Galaxy phones?" Other netizens argued, "Everyone is free to use the phone they want to use" "their contract already ended a long time ago so why does it matter?"

Meanwhile, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition in Thailand and Malaysia in 2019 to promote the phone in the Southeast Asian market.

  1. [+24,523, -574] Even if you have no concept of loyalty at least read the room..
  2. [+12,357, -512] Really disappointed in Blackpink with this. This is blatant disrespect to the company that chose them as CF models. Especially commenting how "you barely changed" your phone? If you like iPhones so much why sign a contract with Samsung in first place? Was it purely for money? They have zero respect for their own country's company! ㅠ
  3. [+7,487, -186] Why not stick with Samsung if you modeled for them? ㅠ
  4. [+4,662, -91] Any company that chooses to use them in the future is crazy because they'll immediately switch to the competitor once their contract period is vulgar of them. Really cheapens their image.
  5. [+4,153, -158] They deserve the hate. I sympathize more with the company.
  6. [+1,588, -12] They're free to use whatever phone they like but it's not just once or twice that the members all took turns posting pictures on SNS to show off their iPhones. Of course it caused a ripple effect ㅋㅋ. I guess this is how they'll taint their own image.
  7. [+1,554, -36] What a stark contrast to BTS ㅋㅋ. They work hard to promote Samsung in public and even use Samsung phones and earbuds in private too.
  8. [+1,397, -21] The problem isn't that they're using Apple. It's the fact that they freely advertised a competitor to their global fandom. Was that really necessary? Especially to say how "she barely changed it..?" ~ sigh
  9. [+1,172, -8] Blatantly advertising a competitor... and for free ㅋㅋ. Samsung must feel so empty seeing this.
  10. [+817, -15] Samsung better not hire Blackpink or YG artists as models ever again!
  11. [+724, -3] They really dug their own graves with their stupidityㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. [+525, -14] Wow... so disloyal. For all of them to immediately switch to iPhones right after...hul...feels like sudden splash of cold water.

SR: Daily Naver Blog