Entertainment industry officials are criticizing BTS Jungkook over illegal ad scandal.

Officials stated, "It wouldn't be a problem but he left room for a controversy to happen. He should've been more careful."

After "back door" controversy swept the entertainment industry last year, agencies have been paying attention to their artists' uploads to social media and YouTube content. According to FTC guidelines, if many people perceive a celebrity as a model for a product, there's no need to label content as "ads" or "Sponsorship." That's why it doesn't matter if Suzy, a Dior ambassador, posts a picture wearing Dior on Instagram without any "ad" labels.

However, many celebrities use "ads" and "sponsorship" tags to avoid any possible controversy and confusion. An official stated, "That's why they're told not to post selfies taken while in a drama or pictorial set where they don't own the rights or not wearing sponsored clothing."

Nevertheless, there are many rumors that backdoor ads are still very prevalent in the industry albeit more secretive. An actor A recently left their agency due to a "backdoor ad" scandal where they posted on SNS but it was belatedly revealed that A had secretly been paid to sponsor the product. As a result, A's agency lost trust with the actor and decided to go their separate ways.

An entertainment industry expert revealed, "Even if an artist receives a product as a gift from a close personal acquaintance, exposing the product on social media complimenting the product is a "backdoor ad" by current standards. This causes more people to want to use the product."

An official from Fair Trade Commission (FTC) spoke to Hankyung and stated, "It's difficult to say Jungkook's actions are "backdoor" ads based on what has been revealed so far. It may be different but since he didn't mention the brand at all, it's difficult to prove deception."

Regarding claims that Jungkook hindered fair trade he stated, "it doesn't appear that he violated fair trade rules if he simply wore it [shirt]."

  1. [+1,485, -88] Fans didn't even know he was in-house director for his brother's business. He never mentioned his hyung's business or brand, it was fans that investigated and found out after he posted selcas for fans. Calling this a "backdoor ad" makes no sense at all! Looks like reporters did a collab to post malicious articles and anti bulls*** without fact checking!!
  2. [+934, -34] Jungkook never once revealed his hyung was in the clothing business, never tagged or posted a selca with his brand name or talked about it on TV. He was thankful the kombucha sold out after his v live in march and seemed to have helped a small company during a difficult time because of the corona. In fact, dozens of brands Jungkook has worn have seen Jungkook's effect and began marketing their brands using his name on IG. I hope A who reported this to the FTC and DC Gallery antis get sued by HYBE!
  3. [+786, -28] So he's not allowed to wear any of his hyung's brand clothing?
  4. [+602, -19] He didn't even open his mouth about his brand, so what the f*** does Jungkook need to be careful about??
  5. [+184, -4] Isn't this too much..? I'm sorry but he never once mentioned the brand name and brand wasn't even visible when he wore it..? I can't understand this. How is this a backdoor ad scandal ㅋㅋ. This is all because he's famous ㅋㅋ
  6. [+171, -4] What should Jungkook be careful about? None of the fans knew about his hyung's business and he never talked about it. Reporters are the ones writing articles from fake malicious bulls*** reported by antis! Stop abusing innocent celebrities and fact check before writing articles.
  7. [+99, -2] So what should he wear to avoid controversy? Paparazzi will always be there and he has to wear clothing no..? Is he supposed to only wear sponsored brands? Aigoo ~ being a celebrity is difficult in itself...

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