Billboard is now in the middle of a controversy after questioning BTS about the alleged chart manipulation that involved the ARMY. Now, BTS bravely answers the issue and even slams the magazine for accusing their fans.

Billboard officially dropped its exclusive BTS cover story and photoshoot as part of its August issue. However, fans are now demanding that the magazine issue a formal apology after finding the interview malicious.

Although RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook answered the most commonly asked questions, a couple looked offensive. The magazine seemed to accuse the ARMY of exploiting "loopholes in music chart rules" even that of Billboard to push the band to the top of the rankings.

Allegedly, this manipulation involves "boosting sales and purchasing and streaming multiple versions of the same song," like the recently-released "Butter" remixes. They, too, reportedly, choose specific days to stream or buy a particular track that will positively impact the boys' chart performance.

However, according to Koreaboo, this alleged manipulation is organized and, as Billboard put it, "within the rules." To answer the claim, RM said it is now up to Billboard to change the rule and let the streaming weigh more than the ranking.

He even seemed to slam the magazine by saying it was not right to criticize BTS or the ARMY for being on the top of the charts. These accusations made the rapper feel like the group is an easy target because they are a boy band, a K-pop act and have high fan loyalty.

In addition, Billboard also asked Big Hit Music President Shin Young-jae if Hybe, the music label's subsidiary, organized fans' so-called manipulation, Hindustan Times noted. He just chuckled and stressed that though there were questionable market developments related to BTS, he believed the U.S. market could not be "topped by downloads alone."

He added the impact of the K-pop group's songs had been shown in several ways. So, instead of stressing themselves into the manipulation issue, they are just celebrating their achievements.

In fact, it is the same thing fans feel like doing, slamming Billboard for talking about the alleged chart manipulation instead of the band's successes and chart achievements. They now question the magazine if it will do the same to their other No. 1 artists.

BTS was on the No. 1 spot of Billboard Hot 100 for ten consecutive weeks. "Butter," alternatively, was No. 1 for nine weeks, while "Permission to Dance" debuted on the top spot after its release-though it eventually dropped down. (Business Times)