Rumors about BLACKPINK's Jennie and BIGBANG's G-Dragon have again taken the spotlight after the latter, allegedly, visited the Human Chanel's photoshoot. Though these two remain mum about their alleged relationship, take a look back at where their love must have started?

An exclusive report by Star News, via AllKpop, claimed Jennie and G-Dragon are still together. Dispatch first reported the news about the two's supposed romance in February, together with a bunch of paparazzi pictures to prove the claim.

Anyhow, YG Entertainment previously said that it could not confirm anything about its artists. As no one knows if the two K-pop giants are together, when did their alleged romance start?

According to South China Morning Post, Jennie and G-Dragon have a close bond that everybody knows. They first worked together in 2012 for the King of K-Pop's "That XX" music video.

At the time, Jennie was only 20 years old and was a newbie in the business. The "Fantastic Baby" hitmaker, on the other hand, was eight years older than her and playing as her mentor.

The two acted like a couple in the clip, as Jennie leaned against his shoulders while he stroked his hair. Was it a sign that they were together?

In the behind-the-scenes footage, the alleged couple was seen smiling and getting along really well. After a year, they once again showed their incredible chemistry in another music video for his song "Black."

However, instead of just acting, she sang together with the now-32-year-old rapper. She was still billed Jennie Kim at the time before BLACKPINK became a big thing.

In addition, Jennie and G-Dragon also performed together on "Ingikayo" in September 2013, giving the former her big break in the business. If those are not yet enough proof, the fashion designer shared a photo of him with the girl group member on Instagram and captioned the snap with "With J #black."

Fast forward to 2020, BLACKPINK became world-famous, and Jennie collaborated with the sunglasses brand Gentle Monster. Producer Teddy showed another celebrity hanging around with them at the recording studio on an Instagram Live video.

Who was it? It was none other than G-Dragon himself.

He seemed to support Jennie as he tried one of the sunglasses and said it looked good on him. Anyhow, the 25-year-old star played coy, saying she made it looked good on anyone.

From here, Dispatch dropped a bombshell report, claiming Jennie and G-Dragon had been spotted secretly meeting each other several times at the latter's house. So, do you think they are together or not? Stay tuned for more updates. (Business Times)