Born in the full name Lee Chae-rin, South Korean rapper-singer-songwriter CL collaborated with fashion magazine W Korea for a photoshoot.

Shortly after the pictorial, CL sat down with the fashion outlet, where she reminisces her trainee days and her upcoming album.

'W Korea' transforms CL

The 30-year-old K-pop idol did not dismay the fashion magazine for showing off her eccentric poses as she did electrifying pieces.

One prominent photo of CL from W Korea is when she was styled like a Barbie doll but the other version of it. The singer's hair was styled like an Asian female warrior back in the days, paired with makeup that highlights the character.

The photo is published in a monochromatic manner and then added up with her best attitude pasted on the camera lens.

Other photos of CL had her wear zebra-print clothing and purple eye makeup that made her look like a different person.

As per an article published by the magazine, the reason why CL wore the kind of clothing she wore during the pictorial is because no one cannot deny that there are people who wear those.

CL in an exclusive interview with the outlet

The former 2NE1 member delightedly participated in an exclusive interview with the fashion magazine, where she revealed the story behind her stage name.

According to her, CL is her alter ego, and that she started with the concept the first time she appeared as a YG Entertainment artist in 2008.

"I believe CL is 'courage.' Being able to admit I'm scared but still move forward and face changes are both big and small forms of courage," she said.

That being said, CL likes for her populace to listen to her songs and relate the courage present in the meaning of it.

For the time being, CL is gearing to release her newest album before the year ends.

Check out her photos with W Korea here.