The unique charms and mesmerizing looks of RM, Suga, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, were all showcased in Butter concept photos. The K-pop septet BTS gears to release its forthcoming release entitled Butter CD version.

New batch of concept photos have arrived

South Korean all-boy group BTS revealed a new batch of concept photos for Butter as everyone continues the countdown towards its release.

It is days away from the release of the band's hard copy album of Butter, where all seven dashing lads all looked nothing but royal individuals fresh from their kingdom.

The fresh and unique get-up and charms of BTS were even more highlighted on its solo concept photos, where each member posed an electrifying aura in an orange room with various props and items. That said, the two new concept content is a piece of the album's concept photo version 1.

A secret hideout and a more transparent concept

Furthermore, dissecting the new concept photos released by the band, the colorful group photo reveals all seven members gathered in their hideout. The photos tag along in yellow and orange colors, representing and channeling a dynamic feeling that stimulates energy.

On the other hand, the solo shoot of each member depicts a more colorful and brighter vibe. That said, the K-pop septet captivated the attention of fans, especially on the piece of clothing they wore.

From the props, setups, get-up, hairdo to their fashion, each BTS member made sure they will all stand out individually among others in their unique way.

All photos are under the Cream version of the album, of which fans are highly anticipating towards the other content.

Meanwhile, the Butter CD version will be made available in two versions, Cream and Peaches. All is up for grabs this coming July 9, with brand-new songs alongside the second English-language single of BTS called Butter.

Check out the bright concept photos via BTS's official social media accounts.