Born in the full name Lee Ho Seok, also famously known as Wonho, is one of the most under-rated K-pop artists for the time being. The matter led fans to take Twitter as their platform is expressing their rage using the hashtag #WONHO_DESERVES_BETTER.

Fans took to Twitter

As mentioned above, the ever-supportive fans of the South Korean K-pop idol came together to social media application Twitter to share its support for their most-loved artist. The bond comes in hand on June 21 (Monday), giving birth to a hashtag unlike any other!

Furthermore, calling out entertainment agencies have been rampant in the K-pop industry, and the agency of Wonho is not an exception.

The fans have trended the hashtag #WONHO_DESERVES_BETTER, as the fans' response to the inactivity of his fan café. That said, the official account's café managers are no longer updating the account, showing zero posts and activities.

Enraged fans versus Wonho's agency

The fans of the former MONSTA X bandleader voices out their opinions and feeling towards Wonho's agency for not doing its proper job in conducting and facilitating the marketing and promotion of the artist.

One fan listed all the issues and shared all of them on social media, leading other concerned fans to gather together, aiming to raise their voices, which they also aim to be heard.

According to a credible source, Wonho was not able to promote in the country and as well as overseas. The idol also has been doing his solo promotions through his personal social media.

Furthermore, fans observed and concluded that since Wonho left MONSTA X, he has not been given much attention and proper activities as many noticed he is not present on any TV programs.

Check out the list Wonho's fans shared on Twitter, which happens to have a taste of reality.

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