The world's most phenomenal K-pop group BTS has recently collaborated with a famous fast-food chain loved by many, McDonald's. The partnership between the world's favorite sweet thing and creatures led to the release of a capsule collection of merchandise, Hypebeast reported.

BTS meal by McDonald's

The K-pop all-boy group BTS soars among the clouds with its BTS meal, being made available by McDonald's across 50 countries worldwide.

With all of the collaborations the fast-food chain made in the past, especially in the US for special meal packages, BTS is the first artist to struck awe of a promotion.

That said, BTS sweeps sales of BTS meals across the world by storm, of which McDonald's and the band launched a wide array of merchandise on its Weverse shop.

BTS x McDonald's

Allkpop reported that on June 16 (Wednesday), the K-pop septet officially launches the second set of McDonald's merch. It consists of items from the range of clothing and collectibles-pajamas, shirts, key rings, and more.

The items were made available for purchase in the later part of June 17 (Thursday) that features products from the Saucy Collection with characters that are hand-drawn by RM, J-hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Another line is from the Melting Collections, solely inspired by the Grammy-nominated band's impressive new single called Butter.

Meanwhile, the merch items are now available for purchase on BTS's Weverse Shop from 7 PM EST today (June 17).

Merch items that greatly impresses fans

Aside from the items mentioned above, some became notable due to their artistry and inspiration. The t-shirts are printed with Butter, and as well as tote bags, bucket hats, and more.

A zip sweater is also available, combining McDonald's fries holder with the butter branding and a zipper. If one chooses to be lowkey, the BTS x McDonald's socks are perfect item-tube socks with yellow slides.