BTS has been accused of helping promote animal cruelty because of its partnership with McDonald's. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said that the South Korean boy group is contributing to the cruelty of animals worldwide since the McDonald's promotions

The animal rights organization alleged that BTS is only contributing to animal cruelty because they are promoting McDonald's. As per Malay Mail, the group called out the band by posting a photo of a woman who claimed to be an ARMY. 

In the snap, she could be seen in front of a McDonald's outlet in Malaysia, and she held a signboard to show she is in protest and against the boy group's collaboration with the biggest fast-food chain in the world. In her placard, she is asking BTS to stop promoting "dead chicken."

She is referring to the BTS Meal that McDonald's launched worldwide last week. The meal collaboration consists of 9 to 10 pieces of chicken McNuggets, french fries, coke, and two flavors of dipping sauces that include cajun and sweet chili.

Apparently, since McNuggets are made from chicken meat, PETA sided with the protesting woman, and it started to accuse the seven-member group of supporting and promoting animal cruelty. 

"Look at what an activist in Malaysia sent us! BTS, don't let your fans down. Stop promoting dead chickens!" PETA Asia wrote on Facebook. "The new #BTSMeal at McDonald's includes chicken nuggets that are made from the flesh of tortured birds. Chickens are not nuggets, but rather living, feeling beings." 

In another follow-up post, the organization stated that BTS' partnership with McDonald's shows that the group does not care about chickens who suffer and had their throat slits for McNuggets. It then asked the band to promote love instead of cruelty. PETA Asia went on to say that no animal wants to be killed, so if BTS does not want to contribute to the sufferings of animals, the members should go vegan. 

Meanwhile, some fans defended BTS and commented that the fighters for the animal rights group are overreacting with its accusations. One fan called out the organization and pointed out that chicken nuggets have been on the McDonald's menu for years, so why are they calling the attention of BTS when it is the restaurant that they should have approached.