It's highly likely that YG's new girl group will be named 'Baby Monster.'

Following YG's confirmations they're preparing to launch a new girl group later this year, speculations of the group and member names are pouring online causing rising expectations and interest.

Among the most popular group names rumored, 'Baby Monster' seems to be the most likely name for the group after new trademark filings related to the name have surfaced once again.

YG previously registered Korean and English name 'Baby Monster' with Korean Intellectual Property in August last year and is currently undergoing trademark application process since March this year with expected formal registration to be processed sooner or later this year. In addition, YG has also applied for related trademarks like "BAEMON" believed to be abbreviation for the group.

In addition, during 'Treasure Map Season 2', a sticker labeled "BABY MONSTER DANCE STUDIO" was spotted on the door of a practice room inside YG's new building further solidifying the rumors.

The rumored trainees to join the new girl group are Chinese trainees Wang Syu (born 2000) and Wei Chen (stage name: Jane, 1999 liner) who appeared in YG's Chinese survival show last year and are currently trainees under YG's Chinese label "Yang Xing Culture."

Trainees Kang Seo-jin of SBS 'Kpop Star 4' (2000 liner) and other YG trainees from 2005 to 2006 line are expected to join.

Baby Monster will be YG's new girl group in 5 years since Black Pink's debut in 2016.

What are your thoughts on the new girl group?

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