The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive destruction not just to one country but all of the regions across the globe. The pandemic has made everything shift into the unusual, even celebrities.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, BTS has been very active in showing its sympathies and aiding those who are in need of immediate help. And recently, the K-pop all-boy band told India to never lose hope during an interview.

BTS speaks to Press Trust of India

Allkpop reported that the Grammy-nominated K-pop band connected with Press Trust of India for an e-mail interview, where the band talked about its newest single Butter and the agitating coronavirus outbreak in India.

"Let's never lose hope," BTS said. The said message touched the hearts of ARMYS worldwide, especially the Indian members of the fandom.

The message comes in perfect timing as India battles its way out to its massive coronavirus outbreak, considered its second wave.

V further said when the interview asked if there was a message for the Indian ARMYS that all of their prayers are with them and that they should continue to stay strong and never lose hope.

In awe of the Indian press, it posted a tweet on Twitter via its official social media account on May 23 (Saturday) local the message of the band to the country. Its sub-post reads:

"South Korean music sensation BTS to PTI as India battles COVID-19 pandemic."

BTS on the idea of 'Butter'

Aside from talking about the painful COVID-19 outbreak in India, the K-pop septet also talked about how Butter was made and the idea behind the impressive song.

The lead vocalist of the band, Jimin, said, "We wanted a summer song that we can enjoy together with ARMY and everyone." And with it, Butter is the perfect fit.

V also added that the single is brimming with charms of all seven members of the band and that he hoped everyone would surely enjoy it.