BTS had a quick engagement with the public after releasing their record-breaking second all-English track. On Thursday, the members shared some details about their comeback, as well as some of the things they did in preparation for the project.

In one part of the discussion, Jungkook revealed something that seemingly shocked his co-members, as well as the public. Koreaboo said that it was about the diet he did days before shooting the music video for "Butter."

The "Golden Maknae" shared that he did not eat "at all" for five days during that time. Instead, he survived only on water, causing him to lose fat.

J-Hope, then, told him that he no longer has any "cheek fat" after what he did. As for V, it appeared that the revelation surprised him, making him assert, "wow."

The same publication, later on, pointed out the BTS member's "commitment" to their comeback project. It, also, emphasized how Jungkook's visuals have, indeed, changed in the music video of "Butter."

While the K-Pop idol's dedication and will are admirable and on-point, many netizens expressed their concern on various platforms. The outlet included some of the fans' comments about Jungkook's diet.

Some of them said that their hearts break for him because of what he did to himself, adding that he is a "perfectionist,' and he will do everything. Others, also, empathized with him, saying that "it must have been so hard for him," and that being an idol is not easy.

Meanwhile, many of the netizens shared their hopes that Jungkook is now taking care of himself. Considering that the shooting for "Butter" is done, they now wish for the K-Pop idol to go back to his usual diet.

This is not the first time, though, that Jungkook surprised the public with his diet and fitness routines. Over the years, he has followed several diet plans to lose weight and maintain his figure.

There was a time in the past when he confessed the challenges of being an idol. In one of his live engagements with fans and supporters, he revealed that he would be eating food and enjoying beers at that moment if not for his career.

BTS Bomb, also, noted that Jungkook seemingly "hates his appearance" when gains a little weight. This is why he works out hard for his appearance.

Restricting foods and sticking to strict workout routines are apparently normal not only for Jungkook but, the rest of BTS, as well. Reports said that they always exert effort to lose and maintain their weight, especially for their comeback appearances and engagements. (Business TImes)