BTS's Park Jimin, who recently made headlines for his 27-inch waist, has trended once again after breaking another new record on Spotify!

The BTS charmer on April 27 made headlines for becoming the First and Only Korean soloist to have 500M streams on the world's largest music platform with just four tracks!

Park Jimin's Unbelievable Waistline

Recently, designer Kim Reiul revealed that Jimin's waist is 27 inches (68.5 cm) after a fan who visited the Hanbok exhibition.

This revelation immediately became a hot topic on Twitter, and netizens trended '허리27', which means 'Waist 27' in South Korea at # 8.

As revealed by those who visited the exhibition, the mannequin was reshaped specifically for the hanbok due to Jimin's special body features. As Jimin's arms and legs were longer than anticipated, the Hanbok fitted the 180cm mannequin perfectly. However, since Jimin's waist was 27 inches, the employee said, they had to reduce the mannequin's waist to fit the upper part of the Hanbok. As for the pants, they were made bigger for Jimin because of the dancing.

Jimin Did It Again!

Jimin is now holding the title of the first and only Korean soloist to achieve this milestone on Spotify after becoming the First and Only Korean soloist to have 500M streams on the world's largest music platform with just four tracks. This is due to the remarkable daily increasing streams of Jimin's solos that reached impressive numbers:

  • "Serendipity Full Length Edition 133,922 million
  • "Filter" 146.570 million
  • "Intro: Serendipity" 86.421 million
  • "Lie" 133.680 million

Jimin's fans immediately took it to Twitter to celebrate as they trended. In more than 18 countries, #JiminSpotify500M & SPOTIFY KING JIMIN trended, including Korea, Morocco, Algeria, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Peru, Poland, and Malaysia. Furthermore, on their official Twitter account, the World Music Awards joined the celebration and posted their congratulatory tweet.

In Spotify, which has about 345 million users in 93 countries, Jimin dominated with his solo songs, writing records for each solo song released with its unique tone and technical vocal skills, along with world-renowned performances that are just on another level.

Finally, although Jimin has no official page on the platform and has four solo songs, including two versions of the same track, BTS' Jimin managed to dominate Spotify in each era (album release) and be crowned a "Spotify King of Solo Music."

Congratulations, Jimin!