BTS mesmerized fans with a cover of Coldplay for MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS!

On February 23 at 9 PM ET (February 24, 11 AM KST), MTV Unplugged aired a special BTS installment. The said MTV series began in 1989 and featured musical artists performing unplugged versions of their songs.

During the event, BTS shared performances of their songs Blue & Grey, Telepathy, Life Goes On, Dynamite, and a cover of Coldplay's Fix You.

Suga Performs Once Again

Suga, who had taken a break from performing to recover from shoulder surgery, was back on stage with the group, and it delighted fans. The idol shared that he missed the stage a lot while he was recovering. "It's been a long time since I greeted you on stage. Now that I'm performing with everyone, I feel content and happy," he added.

Jimin also added that he is happy about sharing the group's stories about preparing for the album and their everyday lives. Above all, the idol shared his joy being able to perform as a full group.

The Septet Performing Coldplay's Track

During the event, BTS revealed Telepathy and Blue & Grey's performances from their most recent album, BE, for the first time. A carefree and fun vibe was created in the Telepathy stage, while the Blue & Grey performance was more calm and soothing.

Next on their performances are their hit songs Life Goes On and Dynamite.

Furthermore, the boy group surprised fans with a special cover of Coldplay's track Fix You. The group explained that the song had given them comfort and wanted their fans to get the same feeling.

Moreover, Jungkook told their fans, ARMY, that he wishes the group could meet them as soon as possible. "We'll continue to stay by your side as BTS with good music just like now," he expressed.

Finally, V commented that BTS would continue to bring great music, comfort, and healing to their fans' 2021. "ARMY, I miss you, and I purple you a lot," he ended.