Opposite to the numerous claims in recent days regarding some Korean celebrities being school bullies, BTS V's news of being a victim of school bullying has resurfaced!

Several posts were created on February 22 on various online communities sharing V being a victim of school bullying.

Streamer: 'V Is My Service Boy'

A streamer made a revelation in one of the community posts stating that V was his service boy. The streamer, identified as A, claimed that V used to be his shuttle boy or bell boy during his live streams.

During that time, many of the idol's viewers were amazed by the streamer's relationship with V and asked him if he was a close friend of V. "I'm not friends with *** like him," the streamer replied using harsh language. The streamer went on saying, "I'm a bit envious right now, but we weren't friends back then. We were more like prey and predator. I was the lion, and he was the rabbit."

The streamer also asked people to stop tying him with V. "Taehyung, you succeeded and made it. You used to shuttle snacks for us," he said. The unknown personality also did not hesitate to reveal that he had bullied V during school.

Fans Came To The Rescue

Many of V's fans criticized the streamer as soon as the video was released, saying that he crossed the line. Others also shared, "You just admitted to school bullying," and "You're just trying to get clout using V's name."

Furthermore, the controversy heightened, and the streamer uploaded an apology video saying that he didn't personally tell V to get snacks. And regarding the birthday party incident that V had shared previously, the streamer also explained that he was not the perpetrator.

V earlier told fans that he once had a friend who caused him almost to lose all his other friends. Kim Taehyung explained that there was a time when he almost lost all his friends because of this one friend.

The idol revealed that he was invited to his friend's birthday party. However, the celebrant didn't tell him the party's location. So he wandered about for hours and finally told him the address. "But it was too late, so I had to come back home after just dropping off the gift," he added.

Moreover, V explained that on his way home, he cried a lot and said that maybe that one friend of V was jealous that he has a lot of friends at that time. The idol shared that the friend apologized to him after a while.

In light of the recent wave of school bullying allegations, V's story resurfaced, and many netizens were impressed with V's personality.