After all the bullying allegations were thrown to the promising lead star of the hit drama The Uncanny Counter, Jo Byeong Gyu, the actor uploaded a post on his personal Instagram addressing all the issues on February 23.

The Actor's Received Bullying Complaints

An unnamed online user uploaded a post on February 16 claiming that Jo Byeong Gyu has bullied him while they were still at school together in New Zealand. 

The actor's agency, HB Entertainment, requested a police investigation into the post, and the uploader took down the post and apologized. After that, two more online users were accused by the actor of bullying. HB Entertainment immediately announced legal action after denying all claims of school violence.

Jo Byeong Gyu: 'I Froze'

The actor on his Instagram account revealed that he was so shocked when the first false post came up about him. "I froze with a sense of injustice from being shocked." 

Even if Jo Byeong Gyu's camp was contacted the next day by the poster asking for lenience, it was difficult for him to get over the feeling of being wronged.

The Uncanny Counter star shared that they agreed to be lenient, but more malicious posts came up after that, and he was taken aback at how people could use photos that had nothing to do with their words as "proof" that whatever they wrote was the truth. 

He said that as false statements and rebuttals started to spread on the Internet, he felt a sense of disillusionment and doubt about the life he had led for 26 years [Korean age].

Furthermore, the actor shared that he has learned that the person who claimed to be his classmate New Zealand had used a random photo without permission belonging to a different classmate. "It seems like we did go to the same school, but we weren't acquainted, and we have never gone to karaoke together, and it is also not true that I committed violence there," he added.

The actor further stated that it is true that he liked to play soccer as a kid in elementary school, but it is not true that he kicked out other kids on the playing field by force or committed violence. "I transferred to Bucheon in the second semester of the third grade of elementary school. I have also never once extorted money from others or rode a motorcycle."

Moreover, the actor explained that he dreamed of being a soccer player and was a playful and happy-go-lucky student. Jo Byeong Gyu said that he had friends that he was close with and people he was not friends with, just like everyone else. 

"I am aware that I cannot be free from the memories of those whom I didn't know well. But when I was maliciously framed for things I didn't do based on one post and an unrelated photo, there was absolutely nothing I could do. For several days, I endured while trying to throw off thoughts that I should not think," the actor divulging the injustice he felt. 

Jo Byeong Gyu noted that he was scared of writing vague posts that would make people judge him as right or wrong. With this, he deleted all his accounts and posts. "Why did I keep becoming the target of such volatile reports, and why did I have to explain myself every time?" he expressed.