In online communities, there are various exciting posts created in which netizens can interact with one another and join multiple discussions.

One netizen has recently posted in an online community asking other netizens to share the idol pair they can't imagine being friends with. It also asked fans to cite reasons why they picked the two idol members.

With this, the netizen began the list by saying she never thought Seventeen's Jun is friends with EXO's Baekhyun. Other netizens also the conversation and gave their thought on the topic.

Below are some of the listed pairs of netizens whom they can't imagine being friends with.

Block B's P.O and Pentagon's Kino

One netizen chose P.O, and Kino stated that she just thought of the drama Pinocchio and thought it would be weird for them to be friends.

Seventeen's Mingyu and BTS's RM

Another netizen also shared the friendship of Mingyu and RM, saying it is almost unbelievable. The netizen explained that they would always be breaking things. She commented, "While Mingyu cleans up the mess, RM would try to help but end up breaking more things."

EXO's D.O and Seventeen's Seungkwan

Furthermore, one netizen pointed out the friendship of D.O and Seungkwan. She said that the two are the quietest in each of their groups. "I feel they would feel so awkward with each other if left alone. Lol," she added.

BTS's SUGA and Seventeen's Woozi

Regarding the friendship of Suga and Woozi, a netizen commented, "I just imagined these two artists sitting together to work on music, and it's already awkward. lol."

Seventeen's Vernon and EXO's Sehun

Lastly, a netizen chose Vernon and Sehun. She divulged her opinion, saying that the two members are the best looking in each group, but they give off a completely different vibe. "I feel it's hard to imagine them to be friends."

What are your thoughts about these friendships?