The Golden Disc Awards recently uploaded a video titled Behind the 35th Golden Disc Awards. In the video, the program producers sat down to share their behind-the-stage stories about the show.

The producers and directors first talked about the difficulties of holding an event during the pandemic. When preparing the show, the production team explained that each staff member was to sign the visitor's book and check their temperature.

A Writer Praised TWICE For Being Courteous

In the interview, one interesting question was asked. "Which artist is the same on and off the stage?" The production team kicked off, saying that all the artists are well deserving of the awards, and every group puts forth the effort and has great personalities. However, if they have to pick one among all the artists, they all agreed, TWICE!

The writer for the event, Lim Cha Mi, explained that people might think, "Aren't girl groups sensitive and on edge behind the stage?" But TWICE can be heard enter from even far away because they shout "Hello!" as they enter. The group even would greet the staff members they've seen for the first time. "So I would pick them as the one top group. They are always so unchanging, too," the writer added.

TWICE's Superb Teamwork

Furthermore, the writer continued to praise TWICE by saying that the group's teamwork is outstanding. The writer explained that when a staff member calls the group behind the stage and cannot hear due to loud music, Dahyun would yell, "TWICE! Gather here!" From that, the members would gather at once. Their "teamwork is outstanding."

With the compliment from the production team, fans were happy. A netizen then posted in an online community, saying that he feels satisfied and proud for some reason when he hears about TWICE. "Everyone has only good things to say about TWICE off stage, too," one fan added.