Aside from the mesmerizing deeds of Jimin in helping those in need, it seems that even BTS's Jimin's cutouts are now helping raise money for Partners in Health and Save the Children. Indeed, the brand King Jimin is everywhere!

Jimin Cutouts As Perks For Donors

The New York Times bestselling author and Youtube content creator John Green and his brother Hank Green hosted a fundraising campaign named "Project for Awesome"  on February 12 to 14. 

As divulged by John Green, the project intends to raise money for Partners in Health and Save the Children, two organizations working to improve the world's most vulnerable people's healthcare and educational opportunities.

Donors could also get perks for donating for "Project for Awesome" based on the amount contributed to making the program more exciting. As a perk for donors, a BTS Jimin cutout will be given along with Harry Styles' and Chewbacca's.

Some users said that a donor could choose a Jimin cutout if they donate $5,000. The proceeds will all go to the charity organizations mentioned above.

Jimin As The 'US Media Darling'

Jimin's massive popularity in the United States is unparalleled. The idol has been known as the "US Media Darling." The BTS member keeps attracting attention from the fans and artists, respectable journalists, best-selling authors, and media personalities in the USA.

Furthermore, for numerous donations Jimin made to worthy causes, he has been known for his good deeds. Some contributions of Jimin might not have been publicly known as he does it silently.

Moreover, the act of continuous donations of Jimin has also influenced others, including fans, to donate or work together. This is to raise money and donate it under his name on many occasions.

The recent news circulated online revealed J-Hope's father also donating to such a good cause.

Indeed, Jimin continues to be an excellent example for such an exemplary fandom culture.