Recently, the ex-member of Monsta X and K-Pop idol, Wonho, set a thirst trap as he posted pictures of his beefed-up body with a blanket strategically covering his lap on Instagram. 

The Thirst Trap Morning Selfies

Seemingly naked under the sheets, the selfies show the idol in bed and turn the fans go wild. The Wenees (Wonho fans) gone head over heels for the idol and saw netizens joining the crowd and appreciating the idol.

The Instagram post greeted his fans in the morning with the caption "Good #morning Wenee. Which one do you like better? 1,2,3,4,5" asking his fans to choose their favorite.

Of course, as fans were captivated by each one, they couldn't choose which one is the best.

Wonho, on a worldwide scale, immediately trended. The enthralled fans then took his photos and shared them on various social media platforms as they flooded the web portal with praises of his muscular body. 

As fans were absorbed with Wonho's morning photos, they have melted for the K-Pop star.

The Fans Pouring Out Their Admiration On The Internet

In a forum posted on January 29, a post gained attention after posting pictures of Wonho showing off his body. The post included seven different images of Wonho from his Instagram with the title, "Instagram pictures of an idol with an interesting physique."

As reported by Allkpop, over 600 netizens left comments under the post. The comments showed mixed reactions towards his updates. 

Some of the fans comments shared, "Wow, I'm more surprised an idol can post half-naked pictures like that," "I can see why he is popular internationally," and "I'm almost certain that no one can make that type of body without the help of juice."

Others also shared, "Is this the one who didn't pay someone's money back?" "Epitome of a fitness freak," and "Looks like Hercules."